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Date: 21 Oct 2001


> includes an intro by Gores in which he explains who
> the real-life models were for the various characters,
> which real-life cases he based his plots on, and where
> each story fits in the longer saga.
> More recently, Gores's latest novel, CONS, SCAMS, &
> GRIFTS, also adds to the series.

Jim, In 32 CADILLACS Gores also tells of the real life antecedents to the book and thanks his associates when he was a detective. I thought there may have been a recent addition to the series but didn't bother to check. .
> Gores's first novel, A TIME OF PREDATORS, set in the
> suburban Peninsula region south of SF, tells of a
> Stanford professor who retrains himself in the
> long-dormant skills he used as a military commando to
> go after a gang of juvenile thugs who raped his wife.
> It won a well-deserved Edgar for Best First Novel.

. If you think about it, that revenge motif is central to all the Gores' non-DKA novels except maybe for COME MORNING which I have but have yet to read. I didn't want to get into the plot it too much more for fear of spoiling some of his books for those who have yet to read them.
> Someone else mentioned MENACED ASSASSIN as a book
> about an SFPD lieutenant on the trail of a serial
> killer. Actually, the villain is a professional hit
> man, not a serial killer. Despite some long sections
> about reconciling the theory of evolution with the
> Genesis creation story (sections I found damned
> interesting by the way), the book fully qualifies as
> HB by my standards. One of my favorite SFPD cop
> novels.

I was the one to mention this. Again, I didn't want to give more information than you could get from the cover blurb which says in part:

"After that, the killer who called himself Raptor moved through a list of players, playboys and mobsters... With each hit came a phone call to San Francisco organized crime investigato Dante Stagnoro, and a disguised tauntung voice daring Stagnoro to stop him."

You and I have read the book and know that is not totally accurate, but it certainly makes it sound like a serial killer. .

BTW, most of the theories propounded in the book were first popularized by Desmond Morris in AFRICAN GENESIS and THE NAKED If you like that part of MENACED ASSASIN you should read those. Morris was a playwright without formal scientific training and the theory of man's progenitors being killer apes has recently come under a lot of attack.

I really enjoyed the book. I think Gores did a masterful job of weaving in the theory with the the plot, but people should be aware that there's more to the book than a simple mystery or thriller. Mark

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