RARA-AVIS: Don Herron

From: ejmd__ ( ejmd__@ntlworld.com)
Date: 18 Oct 2001

Jiro Kimura writ:

> Don Herron was one of the founders of The Maltese Falcon
> Society (now inactive), another founder being James(?)
> Fetchheimer, San Francisco private eye.

It's David Fechheimer. If anyone has seen the Hammett & Chandler episode in the BBC series _The Great Detectives_ they will have seen Fechheimer and Herron (the on-screen caption renders the '-hh-' '-hn-').

This mention of Fechheimer has just led me to pull Joshiah Thompson's
_Gumshoe_ off the shelf ... the blurb on the jacket declares it 'the best book ever written abou the life of a private eye'. Thompson is an academic who turns to PI work with Feccheimer's firm. Apart from the San Francisco setting (which, by co-incidence, is the list's theme of the month!) there is a Hammett-related episode in which Thompson goes to Maryland to do some Hammett research.


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