RARA-AVIS: Parker- rated

From: M Blumenthal ( blumenidiot@21stcentury.net)
Date: 09 Oct 2001

I found a reprint of an article about the Parker books. The author rates them rates The Jugger, which Westlake considers his worst, as well as the two latest before Flashfire as among the best. I don't agree with that.

The Hunter (a.k.a. Point Blank! - 1962) III; The Man with the Getaway Face
(a.k.a. The Steel Hit - 1963) III½; The Outfit (1963) II½

The Mourner (1963) II½; The Score (a.k.a. Killtown - 1964) III½; The Jugger
(a.k.a. Made in U.S.A. - 1965) IIII ; The Seventh (a.k.a. The Split - 1966) IIII; The Handle (a.k.a. Run Lethal - 1966) II½; The Damsel (1967) I; The Rare Coin Score (1967) III; The Green Eagle Score (1968) III; The Dame
(1969) II; The Black Ice Score (1968) II½; The Sour Lemon Score (1969) IIII; Deadly Edge (1971) III½; The Blackbird (1969) II;Slayground (1971)IIII; Lemons Never Lie (1971) III;Plunder Squad (1972) III; Butcher's Moon (1974) IIII; Comeback (1997) IIII; Backflash (1998) IIII

- Chris Poggiali


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