RARA-AVIS: Stark Jugger

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 08 Oct 2001

Mark B quotes Donald Westlake:

<< "I spoiled a book by having him do something he wouldn't do. The sixth book
 in the series is called The Jugger, and that book is one of the worst
 failures I've ever had. The problem with it is, in the beginning of the book
 this guy calls him and says "I'm in trouble out here and these guys are
 leaning on me and I need help," and Parker goes to help him. I mean, he
 wouldn't do that, and in fact, the guy wouldn't even think to call him!
 (laughs)" >>

Again -- or even reinforced here -- I'd say Westlake misremembers or misrepresents The Jugger (I just read it in the last month or so). Parker first ignores Joe's initial message and then another one comes (this one asking for help). Parker doesn't worry so much about Joe, but about Joe going senile, so he'd better look into it. Parker has no trouble eliminating bad seeds, even when they had been solid before (think of how the Rare Coin Score goes sour). I might sound like a lunatic for countering Westlake here, but he's written a lot of books, and many writers can't remember works from long back (when was the interview given?). It could be that Westlake didn't remember the book going well, or felt he had to trump up the plot line to meet a deadline or some such. Regardless, I didn't feel that the book was
"spoiled." Doug

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