RARA-AVIS: RE: Richard Stark

From: Chris Bahn ( chrisbahn@earthlink.net)
Date: 06 Oct 2001

Doug wrote:
> Someone a while back noted that Westlake has essentially disowned The
> It provides a variation from the plots that Brian complains about, and
> Parker seems within character (takes action because he doesn't want Joe to
> spill about who he (Parker) is, not out of sentimental attachment). In
> case, I'd say Westlake is wrong about his own book.

I thought "The Jugger" was the most tedious book in the series, but because the police-captain villain was so boring. Parker's actions didn't strike me as out of character at all; one of the first things he considers is whether or not he'll have to kill Joe Sheer. The book where he _did_ strike me as un-Parker was "The Green Eagle Score," where...

POSSIBLE SPOILER (though the plot twist is apparent by page 48)

...Parker fails to realize that the woman in the house where he's planning the heist is telling everything she knows to her psychiatrist. It just seems like it'd be second nature for him to keep a closer eye on possible leaks, and this one was obvious like a neon sign.

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