Re: RARA-AVIS: Theme of the month - San Francisco

Date: 03 Oct 2001


Re your question below:

> San Francisco was often referred to as "Frisco" in
> slangy talk. What do
> the locals think if they hear this now? That the
> speaker's an idiot?

They will correct you, usually politely, but in any case firmly. To Bay Areans, it's either San Francisco or The City. There's even a restaurant called "Don't Call It 'Frisco.'"

Though I'm now a transplanted Chicagoan, San Francisco's my hometown. Whenever my wife wants to get my goat, she calls it "Frisco."

Incidentally, as most of you probably know, John Huston's version of THE MALTESE FALCON was actually the third film based on that novel that Warners had put out. Jack Warner, thinking it might be confused with the 1931 version which starred Ricardo Cortez, wanted to call Huston's version THE GENT FROM FRISCO.

Thank God Huston talked him out of it.


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