RARA-AVIS: San Francisco

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 02 Oct 2001

Marcia Muller, though perhaps again only "marginally hard-boiled" writes a view of San Francisco that reflects the influence of the counterculture and its legacy in the area. "Trophies and Dead Things," though there's a little too much yammering about "what the sixties meant" (the book came out in the early 90s when I recall there was a lot of that going around), has a good story that deals with these themes, without giving too much away. I haven't read her more recent books, but she's still writing them, and I imagine a recent book about SF would address the high-tech boom and bust and gentrification of a lot of traditional areas (Muller's early 90s books already reflect some of this). Not sure about contemporary writers who address the "gritter" side of the bay area, I'd be interested in suggestions. I just bought a collection of Hammett stories (name escapes me but it's a new edition and has a fedora on the front) so I guess there's a lot of old SF in that.


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