RARA-AVIS: LA Requiem/Demolition angel (spoilers)

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 02 Oct 2001


Do not read if you have NOT read CRAIS' LA REQUIEM.

Mark S and I privately lamented Crais had killed off the wrong woman in LA REQUIEM. . We thought Lucy should have been the one to be axed. After reading DEMOLITION ANGEL, I can see Crais must have thought the same thing . Dolan was such a powerful character he gave her the name Carol Starkey, slightly changed her character and put her in a book of her own in DEMOLITION ANGEL. Mark

>Well, Crais has admitted he was influenced by his writing of Dolan when he
>created Starkey, but I do think the world has room for more than one tough
>lady cop. I recall Dolan didn't really have a past trauma (unless I'm
>forgetting something) but simply had been screwed over by department
>politics. Dolan seemed to have a pretty serious drinking problem, which I
>don't remember with Starkey, though it may have been an element in the
>book. And I don't see Starkey throwing herself at Elvis the way that Dolan
>did. So, yeah, the characters have elements in common, but I think they
>are more distinct than you do - and I don't think it's a sign that Crais
>wishes he had killed Lucy (not that I would mind sending Lucy on a very
>long trip. . .)


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