Re: RARA-AVIS: To Live and Die in L.A.

From: Cristoforo (
Date: 01 Oct 2001

I think that's what made the film interesting, that it wasn't cut and dry, that the characters weren't easily labeled as "good" or "bad" buit operated in the grey area. I remember Friedkin saying something like "the hero can do bad things but the audience is still on his side" Of course, when I saw it and the "good guy" got killed, everyone cheered.


> << I've never liked the film. Or actually, I don't know what to think of
> it. It's visually stunning and fast-moving, but then, as always in
> Friedkin's films, the emotions and the intellectual concerns leave me
> cold. The movie is contradictory at least and it never decides whether
> the William Petersen character is a hero or not. To me he is just a
> boring macho with a mission, but the movie never seems to notice that
> there could (and probably should, too) be criticism pointed toward him.
> He's criticized at first, but then he gets away as a hero in the
> (unintentionally funny) ending.

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