RARA-AVIS: PI out of water (was: the black ice)

From: Duane Spurlock ( duane@emazing.com)
Date: 01 Oct 2001

"Carrie Pruett" < pruettc@hotmail.com> wrote:

<< Here's a question: I've often found that writers who are very adept at writing about a certain place seem to stumble when the heroes leave it.... So - can you come up with any books where the author takes the detective out of his/her "natural habitat" and really succeeds at it?

The newest Burke novel by Andrew Vacchs takes the anti-hero to the Pacific Northwest. I haven't read it yet, though.

And DOWN IN THE ZERO takes place mostly outside of NYC, in the suburbs, and Burke seems to work in his usual fashion without stumblng too badly.
-- Duane

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