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Date: 28 Sep 2001

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<< BE COOL Leonard's sequel to GET SHORTY. Instead of movies it's about popular. About halfway through it seems to lose its way. I think Leonard easily could have cut a third of it especially the parts including Aerosmith.

   It's a stand alone and as much a thriller as hard boiled. It seems like cross of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and one of Michael Connelly's Bosch novels. I liked it, but it almost seems seems to have been written so it could easily be translated into a movie.

BLACK ICE Michael Connely's second Bosch nove >>

I remember BE COOL to be very light in terms of plot. Leonard says he makes his stories up as he goes along and I think he ran out of gas a long time ago. If you lost a third of the book, you'd have a pamphlet.

I don't think Crais intentionally writes to sell to the movies, otherwise he would have sold the rights to Elvis Cole a long time ago. Instead, he learned to write in the TV business and that particular craft informs his style.

I can't say enough good things about Michael Connelly. He more than anyone captures Chandler's melancholy and his sense of Los Angeles seems identical to me. And for the most part, his plotting is outstanding. His first three Harry Bosch stories should be required reading for anyone interested in mysteries, Los Angeles or just good storytelling.

John Lau

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