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From: Paul Sowle (
Date: 22 Sep 2001

I can echo the recommendation of HICKEY & BOGGS. It's a really great film that far too few people have seen.
 The screenplay is by Walter Hill and it's one of his earliest and finest efforts. I'm sure you won't see too many Cosby roles like this one. Fellow dwellers in LA LA LAND will get a kick outta the Cal Worthington radio ads that are heard more than once in the film. I can only assume that Cal kicked them some dough.

As for THE HOT ROCK...

It's one of those films that is less than the sum of it's parts. The only element that I can stand behind is the excellent Quincy Jones score. I have a mint British LP of the soundtrack (Titled HOW TO STEAL A DIAMOND IN 4 EASY LESSONS.) Directed by Peter Yates
(Don't miss his great adapation of George V. Higgins' THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE, on AMC twice next month. I won't even mention that my all time favorite actor plays the title role. Ooops!), screenplay by William Goldman, leads portraited by two great actors. It just doesn't gel and that's a sad thing. It shoud be better than it is.

I worked for Redford's company for a minute and my desk was under an insert poster for the film. I never had the heart to say that Bob was miscast as Dortmunder.

HICKEY & BOGGS may very well be THE great lost LA crime film. Y'all should do your best to track it down. Look out for a young James Woods.

I recently saw a great noir called Johnny Eager, which earned Van Heflin a west deserved Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor. Well worth a look.


P.S. Didn't Clint just nail the intro to "America, America"? I had to watch that 3 times. Somebody should have told him to unbutton that coat though.

--- Kevin Burton Smith
<> wrote:
> Two other films, coincidentally both from 1972, that
> might be of
> particular interest to this group that have long
> been unavailable on
> DVD/video: THE HOT ROCK, starring Redford, George
> Segal and Paul
> Sands, based on Donald Westlake's Dortmunder novel,
> and especially
> HICKEY & BOGGS, a bleak, nasty noirish P.I. thing
> starring Bill Cosby
> and directed by and starring his I SPY pal, Robert
> Culp.

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