RARA-AVIS: RE: lounge music

From: Wilkinson, Donald BGI SF ( Donald.Wilkinson@barclaysglobal.com)
Date: 21 Sep 2001

I recommend an excellent French bootleg called 'Swing for a Crime'. Its from about ten years ago but was recently 'rereleased' on cd. Very cool lounge and jazz songs with some brief sound bites from noir movies thrown in for color.

D. Ross

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Similar to sprawling, bootlegged collections in the Stompin', Las Vegas Grind, and Desperate Rock 'n' Roll series, this French compilation revels in the fringes of lounge and roots music. The producers focus on jazz and R&B wrapped in a beatnik a go-go sheen and splice in appropriate dialog and music from various crime films to add to the set's programmatic feel. Along with jazz guitarist Barney Kessel's novel bit of ockin' blues "Honey Rock," other high-profile moments come by way of arranger Sy Oliver's (Jimmie Lunceford, Tommy Dorsey) exotic noir theme
"Stu's Blues" and Les Baxter's "Peter Gunn"-like "Boomada." Even more intriguing, though, are obscure tracks like the Hollywood Persuader's surf beat number "Drums a-go-go," Patsy Raye & the Beatnicks' goatee monologue
"Beatnick's Wish," and Ric Gray's "Tequila"-esque teenage montage "Pimples and Braces" ("tacos and t-shirts/bongos and burgers"). Plenty of Latin percussion, rock & roll swagger, Farfisa Organ, and dark-alley ambience add to the kaleidoscopic mix. And for all the flippancy, there are still enough incredibly arranged pieces, like Art Van Dam's big band stunner "Voodoo Doll," to satisfy to the more studious record hounds. While certainly not for jazz purists, the Swing for a Crime collection will no doubt please fans broadminded enough not take the kitsch manifestations of R&B, rock & roll, Latin music, and jazz too seriously. - Stephen Cook

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