RARA-AVIS: Plots With Guns Issue 13

From: a.n.smith ( ansmith@netdoor.com)
Date: 20 Sep 2001

We're back. New look. New hard-boiled fiction, art and info. New Crimedogs.

PLOTS WITH GUNS http://www2.netdoor.com/~ansmith

We're running at about 92% right now, but we'll be up to full speed in a few days.

The new look comes to us from AARON ARMSTRONG, a artist with a gift for noir. We're glad for the makeover, and we look forward to more from him next time. Check out his NOIR GALLERY.

This time, we interview GARY PHILLIPS, author of the forthcoming SHOOTER'S POINT, 2nd in the Martha Chainey series. See what he has to say. This is a fascinating talk with one of the best in the business.

Also, the third installment of FREDERICK ZACKEL's engrossing novella DARK RED AND DEADLY. Not hooked yet? If not, what's wrong with you?

NEW STORIES from MICHAEL HANSEN (bringing us the return of Speedy), JACK EWING, ED LYNSKEY, SCOTT L. ANDERSON, and another one from JAMES McGOWAN. And as usual, GISCHLER pipes in with HARD-BOILED DIXIE. Uncle Vic's moved out West and has something to say about it. The frontier life suits him...
(We're not changing the title of the column, though.)

And new hard-boiled reviews. So we say what we think about books. Take it, leave it, and if you don't like our thoughts, go write your own.

Since when have we ever asked nicely?

PLOTS WITH GUNS http://www2.netdoor.com/~ansmith

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