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Date: 20 Sep 2001

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<< A few years back there were a few collections of music released for the

hipster 20-something crowd, the new martini culture. They were all loosely

based around hardboiled themes and scores from films and TV shows of the

period. The Peter Gunn theme was there, I believe. Or perhaps I'm

remembering two separate series of music releases?

Does anybody recall the names of these, and how many titles were released?

I've had some luck getting our public library to order CD's lately, and I

may try with these as well. >>

You should try the ULTRA LOUNGE COLLECTION. Especially The Crime Scene, TV Town and Bachelor Pad Royale, released by Capitol. Ultra Lounge has a lot of other kooky compilations, but these 3 are the most like what you're looking for. I also have Cafe Noir, released by Time Records, which is similar. There's a movie called FOUR ROOMS that Tarantino had a hand in that had a loungey soundtrack. And The Woman Chaser soundtrack itself has a contact # on it. Bob Berney, 310 737 0178. That would be in Los Angeles.

John Lau

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