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From: Paul Sowle (
Date: 19 Sep 2001

I'm glad to see a spirited discussion of Wade Miller, a dynamic duo of authors who seem in danger of being forgotten.

As far as I know, Robert Wade is still with us. I don't know if he's still writing, as he was born in 1920. He continued to write under the Whit Masterson byline after the 1961 death of William Miller. They also wrote under the anagrams of Will Daemer & Dale Wilmer(though I've never read anything under those bylines myself.)

In 1993, HarperPerennial issued 4 of the 7 Max Thursday novels (Calamity Fair, Murder Charge, Shoot To Kill, Uneasy Street) in rather nice trade paperback editions. I'm not sure if these are still in print, buy they are readily available on various auction sites and The other 3 can be found, without great effort or expense, on the aforementioned sites or services such as abe or bookfinder. I got the whole series for less than $30 total.

Badge of Evil, the "source" novel for the Welles' classic Touch of Evil, can also be found easily. Carrol & Graf published it in paperback, as Touch of Evil, in 1992. You can find this online for less than the $3.95 cover price.

Deadly Weapon is a prequel, of sorts, to the Max Thursday series. It features Lieutenant Austin Clapp, who figures prominently in the Thursday series. The 1st Thursday novel, Guilty Bystander, is prefaced by a quote from Clapp.

I've enjoyed the Thursday series and every other Wade Miller novel I've read. I have a small stack of their Gold Medals still to go and I'm sure those will be great too.

Anyone who has yet to read a Wade Miller novel should try Murder Queen High (a screwball murder mystery), or one of their Gold Medals, such as Devil May Care or Kitten With A Whip.


--- Mario Taboada <> wrote:
> Now,
> since Wade Miller's work is totally out of print
> (somebody
> correct me if I'm wrong

Isn't Wade still alive and writing? I really love
> those old
> Max Thursday books, among others by the duo.

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