Re: RARA-AVIS: Janwillem Van De Wetering

Date: 14 Sep 2001

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 We need a name for this kind of fiction that watches life
 dispassionately and avoids heroes and heroism entirely. I
 half-heartedly propose the adjective "Simenonal" or
 "Simenonic". It could be called "existentialist", but the
 term has lost its punch, unfortunately.
I would go along with Simenonesque, or maybe Raymondish (I think Derek Raymond has a similarly dispassionate view of the horrors he sees). Does Simenon have much of a following in the states? I have found it very difficult to find him in print in the UK, apart from French language copies sold as school texts. World Exhausted? I appreciate the tips for writers in this mode, of which I am a fan. All the best Colin

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