Re: RARA-AVIS: Janwillem Van De Wetering

Date: 12 Sep 2001


Re your question below:

> Does anyone have an opinion on this author? What
> are his books like?

He's a former part-time cop in Amsterdam. The cop stuff is pretty authentic-sounding. He's also a Buddhist, and his books tend to have a Zen philosophical underpinning.

> Are they hardboiled?

Well, I suppose they are if you agree with the premise that a police procedural automatically falls, by definition, into the hard-boiled tradition. They are certainly police procedurals. Of course, not everyone agrees with that premise.

On the other hand, van de Wetering is neither as tough, nor as colloquial, as, say, Gerald Petievtch, Joseph Wambaugh, or Dan Mahoney in this country, or John Wainwright in the UK.

A good one to start on, just to see if he floats your boat, is the short story collection *The Amsterdam Cops*. If you don't like the shorts, you won't like the novels. If you do, you'll probably like his book-length stuff, as well.


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