RARA-AVIS: Re: Bouchercon

From: Dan Alban ( frimp13@yahoo.com)
Date: 10 Sep 2001

Sadly, I knew nothing about Bouchercon until very recently - too late to register. (It may be out of my price range anyhow.) But I just realized that it's right in my backyard - only a ten minute drive from my house. Is there anything at Bouchercon that one can just show up for, like exhibit galleries or sales areas that are open to the public?
 Or does everything have to be registered months in advance? If one just happened to be wandering through the Crystal City Hyatt sometime during Nov. 1-4, what might one expect to see/do/experience?

Thanks, Dan Alban

>Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 16:04:15 -0700 (PDT)
>From: JIM DOHERTY < jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com>
>Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: Bouchercon


>Re your question below:

>> . . . I haven't got a clue
>> what, where or why it [Bouchercon] is,
>> some mystery festival? Enlightenment and web site
>> appreciated. Who is this
>> shit and why are you shooting him?

>Bouchercon, named for the late Anthony Boucher,
>mystery critic for both the NY *Times* and *EQMM*, is
>also known as the World Mystery Convention and is the
>oldest, and largest continuing mystery convention.
>Usually held in the US (alternating between the
>Eastern Seaboard, the Midwest, and the West Coast), it
>has traveled abroad in recent years. At least once,
>it was held in the UK.

>I don't know the URL for the 2001 Bouchercon (to be
>held in Washington, DC) off-hand, nor for the 2002 (to
>be held in Austin, Texas), but a search engine should
>turn them up without too much of a problem.


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