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From: Schooley (
Date: 10 Sep 2001

Seems to me, to some extent recent discussions have been trying to connect
"blue collar" with "street wise". Strictly speaking, blue collar would apply within any given industry, where white collar was management and blue collar did the hands-on work. "Working class" takes the notion outside the shop floor, but not necessarily to the mean streets, where often the street wise try to avoid any form of hard labour whatsoever. Always up for an easy-money scam. Of course, if you're young, unmarried and have recently landed a job in a high-paying industry, you may take to the streets to get dispense some of that cash.


> I'm all set for Bouchercon this fall (though I signed
> up too late to get on a panel, unless there's a
> last-minute cancellation).
> Anyone else going? Maybe we should arrange a
> get-together.

Like you, I am registered but too late for a panel. Maybe we should form "The Un-panel" with other Rara Avians? The sixty-odd R-A e-mails I've received this last three days imply we're capable of shooting, hanging, quartering and thoroughly eviscerating the shit without official permission from anybody.

And Marianne, you still owe me a beer.


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