Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Blue Collars

From: George Upper (
Date: 09 Sep 2001

--- Mario Taboada <> wrote:
> Unkistakably hardboiled Dave Robicheaux doesn't
> drink beer,
> he drinks Dr. Pepper.

Yes, with all sorts of citrus additives, as if Dr. Pepper could somehow be made worse than it already is
(with apologies for my Coke-ish snobbery to all Peppers in the audience. I'm already an Upper; being a Pepper, too, would be practically unbearable.)

However, that said, Dave Robicheaux is known to down a beer or twelve (Jax, I seem to recall, is his brand of choice, but what can one expect from a man who doctors up his Dr. Pepper) in some installments of that series.


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