Re: RARA-AVIS: Timely article - Los Angeles

Date: 09 Sep 2001

UK list people may well have seen yesterday's Guardian which has an article on LA fiction by former Duncan Campbell, who before becoming US corespondent was the paper's crime corespondent. Try but I am not sure how much of the paper goes on-line so if anyone wants me to I can praecie it for you, a resurgence in LA novels is the main theme, tagged on the release of 6 LA novels this summer. He refers to an LA Times list of LA novels that I am sure will prove of interest and provoke a lot of debate - The Black Dahlia, The Big Sleep, Farewell My Lovely, They Shoot Horses, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and If He Hollers leap out of Campbells summary of the most cited books on the list. I have relatively recently read and enjoyed; Westsiders, Stories of Boys in the Hood, a non-fiction book on LA hip hop hopefulls an interesting addition to my continuing LA education. Completely off the subject Come Die With Me, Hammer with Pammy as Velda, happens to be on telly tonight in the UK, if I am awake I'll have a look as I remember the discussion of it on here. I shot the shit, but I didn't shoot the deputy shit. Yrs, never knowing when to let a joke die Colin

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