RARA-AVIS: At Bouchercon

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 08 Sep 2001

Jim Dorherty asked who from Rara-Avis was going to be at the Bouchercon. I will be there. I will be around for the entire con but my one certain location is the panel I am on entitled "Down Memory Lane" on Nov. 1st
(Thursday) at 4 pm. It is a forgotten authors panel charied by Bill Deeck. I will be talking about Francis Bonnamy (Audrey Walz). She was not a hardboiled writer although she was a tough cookie in real life and also a pretty good writer. When Deeck asked me to join this panel I chose her because she was deserving of attention and she lived for a time in Alexandria, Va and based some of her novels in that city and in Washington. It gives me a charge everytime I drive by the house where she lived in old Alexandria and know that it is the location of her novel THE KING IS DEAD ON QUEEN STREET. One day soon I plan to knock on the door of the house and hand them the novel and say: "A murder was done here, take this book and read all about it").

She was highly praised by Dorothy B. Hughes ("can keep you glued to the pages of his manuscript as he unfolds a fearful story") and Anthony Boucher ("one of the most amusingly civilized mystery mongers extant.") At the time neither knew Bonnamy was a woman.

So I will be around for the convention and if we set a time for rara-avians to gather I will certainly show up. I know I will be at the convention on the 1st and available for a drink as soon as my panel has finished.

Richard Moore

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