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Date: 08 Sep 2001

    I guess Doug is claiming that Marlowe may not have looked "blue collar," but he really was, because "most Americans saw him that way. I'll have to pass on what most Americans think or thought, but the text sure doesn't read working class. Doug also dismisses Martini's no name guy because he hates him, and he brings Elvis and Spenser into the working class group because they're descendents of Marlowe. I agree with the notion that all of these guys are hard-boiled but I think it's really a stretch to call any of them working class or blue collar. I guess I also don't see the value in the classification. Spade and Marlowe and Hammer and Spenser and Hawk and many other hard-boiled guys see themselves as better, smarter, tougher, and more righteous than most mortals, working class people included.
    Jim D. suggests Marlowe saw himself as some kind of working class cop, but I think Marlowe would have scoffed at such a notion. Archer saw himself as "set apart," but Marlowe was "above it all" most of the time, and his chumminess with and affection for Terry Lennox is enough to ban him from the world of working class stiffs for life.

                                    Jim Blue

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