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Well, then that closes the door for those who come later then too who fit the context of their time and not that of the classic hardboiled tale. Whether there's an acknowledged debt or not, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't all be very well versed in Sherlock Holmes even more so than Poe's creation. If the genre's open for growth then the definitive key is the context of the individual within the culture and time. This places Holmes within in the canon. He's a professional and is both cynical and direct within the context of his culture and time. He lives up to a greater justice vice simply following the letter of the law.

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Alexandria, Virginia

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I think Holmes is not allowed to eat at the hardboiled eatery cos of his era, and that's something I am quite happy with, I think there are a lot of similarities though as I have said, and would love to hear if anyone can educate me as to any acknowledged debt/opinion from hardboiled masters to Doyle.
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