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From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 07 Sep 2001

Oh, good news! Pardon the pun. I'm sorta surprised at Milos Forman, is that for real? Any word who is going to star (assuming it ever gets out of D-hell)? I've always seen Denis Leary as Dortmunder but they'd probably go for a bigger star. George Clooney's supposedly playing Bernie Rhodenbarr and Jeff Bridges playing Keller in other projects in development. Would be nice if at least one of these actually sees a theater. . .

Title: Bad News

Log Line: During his mid-life crisis, a professional thief gets pulled into a convoluted grave-robbing and reburial scam to gain control of a Native American casino. Writer: Doug Wright Agent: n/a Buyer: Phoenix Pictures Price: n/a Genre: Comedy-Crime Logged: 9/4/01 More: To be adapted from Donald E. Westlake's novel. Milos Forman to direct. Novel was published in April 2001 by Mysterious Press.

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