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Date: 07 Sep 2001

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 In other words, though they may walk the walk, they
 don't talk the talk. And, to be hardboiled, talking
 the talk is almost as important as walking the walk.
In terms of what constituted talking the talk in Victorian/Edwardian England, Watson is of relatively humble origins and Sherlock spits out a mean one liner on occasion, particularly when moved to comment on the nature of man, none of which spring to mind at the moment! I know that this if off strand and goes back to old old arguments but I just bought HARDBOILED, an anthology of American Crime Stories, compiled by GORMAN and PROZINI, and published in this country by Oxford University Press, I do not have it in front of me but they included a definition of hardboiled in the introduction that would be of interest to all on the list and no doubt provoke debate!

Keep talking the talk Colin

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