Re: RARA-AVIS: Theme of the month - Los Angeles

Date: 07 Sep 2001


Re your question below:

> If I recall correctly, you're from Chicago, right?
> And you're
> interested in hardboiled set there? Was it a common
> setting in the
> pulps? Given its rep for crime during those days,
> wouldn't you think it
> would be? Of course, Howard Browne used the
> setting.

So did W.R. Burnett, though he wrote for the higher-paying slicks rather than the pulps. Frederic Brown, who *did* write for the pulps, used Chicago as a setting quite often.

Off-hand, I couldn't think of any PI characters who worked out of Chicago during the '30s, though I'm sure there were several.

The pulp publisher, Ziff-Davis, was headquartered in Chicago, and, presumably, many of the stories they bought were set there. In fact, Howard Browne worked as a Ziff-Davis editor prior to writing the Paul Pine series.

By the way, though I'm a Chicagoan by adoption, I'm a Californian (specifically a San Franciscan) by birth.


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