From: George Pelecanos ( shoedog1@erols.com)
Date: 06 Sep 2001

On the subject of noirish music: when I'm reading LA based noir, I like to put Charlie Haden's Haunted Heart on the box. The cd kicks off with the Warner Brothers Logo Fanfare and goes on from there, with titles like
"Hello, My Lovely", "The Long Goodbye," "Lady in the Lake," and "The Bad and the Beautiful." Also includes vocals by Jo Stafford, Teri Southern, and Billie Holiday. Beautiful and essential.

Regarding Chandler's Los Angeles, novelist/screenwriter Leigh Brackett once commented: "The Los Angeles Chandler wrote about was long gone; in a sense it never really existed outside of his imagination."

Commenting on this, in an essay I did on Chandler for Your Flesh magazine, I wrote the following:

"She might be right. L.A. might never have been a city of felt fedoras, shiny coupes, smoky, deco nightclubs inhabited by glittery, whiskey-throated women and pinstriped gangsters. But, like John Ford's West, Chandler's L.A. is one artist's vision of how he would have liked things to have been. It's a testament to the power of that vision that, like Ford's West, Chandler's Los Angeles has, in effect, become our reality."

George Pelecanos

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