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Date: 06 Sep 2001

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<< Some LA entrepeneur should work on a 'noir tour' of the megalopolis >>

There are, or at least have been guided tours of locations made famous in Chandler's novels. There is also the infamous "Graveline Tours" which take visitors to the burial places, and death sites of celebrities.

Aside from Mickey Cohen's presence here in the 50's, the East coast and Midwest mobs never took hold here in L.A. The LAPD would meet their advance scouts at the airport, beat the living daylights out of them and send them back on their way. Organized crime here thus sprung up organically and much later. From the Black street gangs that came together in the 70s, the Crips and the Bloods. And the eMe, or Mexican Mafia, which actually got its start within the walls of Soledad state prison. These organizations have long considered the LAPD, especially the LAPD of departed police chiefs Bill Parker and his spiritual descendant Darryl Gates, the biggest and baddest gang in the city. The since disbanded LAPD anti-gang CRASH unit shared their point of view. As does the Special Investigations Section, considered by some a Death Squad, who are reknown for shadowing suspected violent offenders until they commit a crime, then greeting them in the parking lot with guns drawn.

I'm no authority, these are merely my impressions after inhabiting this city for 46 years. Others on the list who actually research their opinions, (Mr. Lochte perhaps?) can certainly correct my factual inconsistencies or flat out lies.

John Lau

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