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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 06 Sep 2001

--- Mark Sullivan <> wrote:
> Juri wrote:
> "There is a band called Naked City, of course after
> the Jules Dassin
> movie, which used Weegee's photo of a dead gangster
> lying on his face on
> their album cover."
> Actually, I'm pretty sure John Zorn named that band
> (one of about ten
> he's in) after Weegee's book of that name, in which
> that photo appeared.
> The movie and TV show also took their names from the
> book title (and
> paid Weegee for the rights).

 Speaking of Weegee and Naked City, it's a well known fact about the producers of the film buying the title from Weegee (at the time) to use it for their new film. Naked City, film noir by Jules Dassin (1948), will become a classic as you know. It was taken from Weegee's photo album title published in 1945. Weegee was also used as photo advisor (consultant) for some Hollywood films, during the last part of his life, and even ( if my memory serves me well) by Stanley Kubrick.

Weegee was rather early spotted as a photo creator, an artist, and valued more than just a reporter. An exhibition of his photos was organized in NY by the Photo League as early as 1941, titled... Murder is My Business (!!!)

For those interested there is a video (VHS) documentary titled : The Real Weegee. Apparently still available in the US, but I personally did not see it.

Finally : New-York Noir was also the title of an anthology of photographs published in 1999, grouping shots by photo-journalists of the same vein as Weegee's.

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