From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 06 Sep 2001

I do think the movie industry is a big part of why LA has been so prominent in HB fiction. I can't think that it's really mentioned all that much in Chandler, but it's implicit - it's why the city is there. Also the mob was pretty much tied up in the industry from the beginning, wasn't it? It does seem there's been a resurgence of the dark side of L.A. particularly in the last decade or so - understandably, with the riots, fires, earthquakes, OJ, etc.

Robert Crais's Elvis Cole series stands out as the only L.A. fiction I've ever read that makes it seem like an appealing place to live. Of course, only an appealing place to live if you're wealthy and connected and have money, but still, for all the gunplay in the books, I always end up wanting to pack up and move there.

Every other L.A. crime book I've ever read makes me wonder why anyone would stay there for more than a week. "The Cracked Earth" by John Shannon - lots of earthquake stuff in there - was the latest (actually I wonder why anyone would live there)


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