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Date: 06 Sep 2001

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<< Or is there something about California that made/makes it a good setting? The transient, no one is a native, population? The anyone can reinvent themselves, just like they do in the moving pictures mindset? The wide-open, wild west nature of the city? The corruption, as seen in the water and public transportation manipulations? Or is it the physical aspect? >>

All of the above, my friends. Wasn't it Chandler who said the country's on a slant and all the loose marbles roll down this way? If someone comes to reinvent themself, that implies they weren't too happy with who they were to start with, so you got a city filled with newly arrived, dysfunctional people. Nobody walks, we're all in cars, alienated from one another by 4 tons of metal, baking in slow moving traffic, breathing bad air. It's shallow and expensive. The women are beautiful but unattainable. The place makes you want things. It all seems right there within your grasp, but someone keeps raising the bar. The most successful people are generally the biggest assholes. The network of freeways with convenient on and offramps make this the bank robbery capital of the world. There's another freeway chase on tv every single day.

Basically it's about the fact that people come here to chase their dreams. Dreams die hard. But when they do, people snap.

John Lau

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