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From: Anders Engwall (ERA) ( Anders.Engwall@era.ericsson.se)
Date: 04 Sep 2001

Mark Sullivan, about Tim Willocks:

> > the inside review page I found this quote from the Glasgow
> > Herald:
> > "Until this man put pen to paper, Raymond Chandler was
> > probably the only English writer with the talent, the
> > wherewithal and the sheer bottle to write a convincing
> > hard-boiled contemporary crime novel."


> This is pure nonsense. Chandler was born in the US, raised in England,
> but lived and wrote his books in the US.

Even if we leave Chandler's Britishness aside, it's nonsense simply because there certainly have been many very fine British HB novels before Willocks came along -- as anyone here ought to know. It's surprising that something like this was printed in a Scottish paper, considering writers like Rankin and McIlvanney.

Btw, does all this mean I can now claim Donald Hamilton, Nelson Algren and Day Keene (Gunnar Hjertstedt) as Swedish writers? :)

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