RARA-AVIS: Ken Bruen

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 03 Sep 2001

I just finished reading The McDead, the third in Ken Bruen's "White Trilogy." These are really great books. They are very quick reads, seemingly causally thrown off, but you later realize just how intricately plotted they are.

The three books revolve around Chief Inspector Roberts and DS Brant, along with several coworkers, particularly WPC Falls, whom they have taken under their wings.

Brant is a particularly nasty piece of work, truly proud of his meanness. He is a drunk and decidedly non-PC when it comes to his views on women and minorities. He is minor league corrupt (free meals, rips off sellers of hot watches, etc), but strongly believes in good and evil and will be very, very evil on the side of good. His bosses (except for Roberts) hate him, but he always seems to make a high-profile arrest just when they are ready to finally get rid of him.

Each book is complete within itself, but I think reading them in order
(White Arrest, Taming the Alien, The McDead) is advised for the character development.

Highly recommended, as are all of Bruen's crime novels. Anyone know about his "legitimate" fiction? Is it also this good?


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