RARA-AVIS: Parker Plunder Squad Query

From: Paul Sowle ( ambrosehunter@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 Sep 2001


I would like to introduce a question that I have been batting about privately with Mark Sullivan (Gentleman, Scholar & Hard Boiled Egg) to, sadly, neither of our respective satisfaction. It concerns the Richard Stark (aka Donald E. Westlake) novel Plunder Squad. Please cease reading if you have not read this one, as my query may spoil not only this book but several more in the serires. That said, I feel I have safely issued a SPOILER WARNING (aka SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER) to one and all.

Now...My question. Near the end of this great tale, it appears that Ed Mackey is no longer with us. That's all well and good, until the man shows up at the end of the next Parker novel(the magnificent Butcher's Moon - Thanks Mark!) This is not the end of the seemingly resurected Ed, as he(& gal pal Brenda) appear prominently in Comeback &, briefly, in Firebreak(the best of the "next generation" Pakers, in my opinion) as well. Did good ol' Donald E. just decide that he wanted Ed for some more adventures or am I reading the end of Plunder Squad wrong? There must be some fellow Parker fanatics that have a take on this. Let me hear you thoughts.

Thanks, ambrosehunter

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