RARA-AVIS: Anne Riordan

From: Mark Coggins ( coggins@immortalgame.com)
Date: 30 Aug 2001


You beat me to the punch with your observation about the daughter of the ex-Bay City police chief:

> What about tough but virtuous Anne Riordan in
> *Farewell, My Lovely* and "The Pencil?" A cop's kid
> who knows the score and is respected (and probably
> loved) by Marlowe as much for her tough demeanor as
> her goodness.

And extra points for remembering "The Pencil"!

Some other strong female characters in Chandler's work that weren't femme fatales:

* Silver-Wig in "The Big Sleep"
* Adrienne Fromsett in "The Lady in the Lake"


Mark Coggins

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