Re: RARA-AVIS: My Alleged Gender Bigotry

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 26 Aug 2001

<<This seems a very bizarre argument to have on a "hard boiled" list. I can see both sides meself: yes indeed the hardboiled hero is traditionally male, he is not worthy of any praise.>>

I disagree. Bravery, for example, is considered praiseworthy by all societies and cultures, without exception.

<<I don't understand why Marlowe is continually referred to as a hero?>>

Because he is one; he's the archetype of the "good", chivalrous P.I.

<<He is a hideous character: amoral, motivated entirely by financial return and self serving; fair enough. I spose that the nature of the genre makes this to a certain extent innevitable, however, the idea that he is in any way laudable is quite frankly bollocks.>>

He is not motivated entirely or even primarily by financial return; neither is he self-serving. He sticks his neck out for what he considers good (or less bad).




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