RARA-AVIS: Recent reads

From: Doug Bassett ( dj_bassett@yahoo.com)
Date: 25 Aug 2001

Actually, haven't had much time to read much of anything recently, but I do recommend:

Ross Thomas -- THE PORKCHOPPERS. I may have alluded to this in an earlier post, can't remember. Anyhow, Thomas is one of my favorite writers in the genre, so when I say I think this is one of his very best books, that's high praise indeed. Nominally about a union presidency election, it's really about Thomas's favorite theme -- power, it's exercise and it's pitfalls. A very cold book -- no real heroes here -- very sharply done. Highly recommended.

Max Allan Collins -- SPREE. My first Collins, though I'm certainly familiar with the name. Heist book based around a great idea -- robbing a mall. Doesn't hit the heights of the very best Parkers, but on the other hand never lapses into the tedium of the very worst Parkers, either. Worth checking out.

right now I'm reading Collins's TRUE DETECTIVE. Seems worthwhile.


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