RARA-AVIS: LanceCon Paperback Book Show

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 24 Aug 2001

This post might only be good for about three people. I just got back from LanceCon, which is a paperback show and block party in Portland, Oregon. It runs today (Friday), tomorrow, and Sunday. If you're in the area -- or are in Seattle and want an excuse to get out of town -- it's worth stopping by. The address is 934 SE 15th Street (a few blocks below Stark). The block is closed off and tables are set up on the street. There was food and beverage for sale, and a jazz combo playing. Free admission for the public. There is a fair amount of crime fiction, as well as paperback porn, sci-fi, etc. Also some pulps, comics, and cover art. I talked to one exhibitor who had come from Iowa; there were maybe 15-20 exhibitors. Some stuff seemed pretty pricey, but I'm not a collector. There were reading copies of some books. I got five titles for a total of $7:50:

WR Burnett, Nobody Lives Forever Richard Marsten (Ed McBain/Evan Hunter), Runaway Black (gold medal 415) John D. MacDonald, Murder in the Wind Vin Packer, The Girl on the Best Seller List (gm s976) Charles Williams, Man on the Run (gm 822)

Anybody know if any of these titles are really good or really bad?


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