Re: RARA-AVIS: Rara-avis Malice ( the Moive) and Immaculate Conception

From: David Roye (
Date: 24 Aug 2001

I realize I may be a stickler about the exact definition of Immaculate Conception versus what many people may commonly think it is and how they may misuse it, but I think in cases of religion and faith accuracy is important. I recall many years ago at a company Sales class I attended the instructor, a successful salesman and manager was telling the class how he was going to be priest but found about the vow of poverty priest have to take and thought better of the idea. I imagine he wanted use this show how he consciously refused an aesthetic live to achieve the material successes of sales. And that is fine; but Priests do not take vows of poverty; Nuns do and certain orders of monks as well but priests do not take vows of poverty. I t was clear to me that either the instructor was lying; was never was considering the priesthood or may not even have been Catholic or he was ignorant of basic Catholic structure. The instructor was using a falsehood about a faith that many people take seriously, to make a pedagogic point. I found that offensive and bordering on bigoted. This is another example of how an inaccurate but popular notion of Catholic practice is accepted and spread as if it were true. I am not catholic, I am just amazed how many non-Catholics and Catholics alike spread and accept incorrect facts. I have never experienced the same thing for say any of the Eastern Orthodox rite faiths ( I do live in an area where they have a strong presence) or even Jews. Maybe it just an indication that Catholic now a so much a part of American Culture and Pop Culture and I should just accept it.


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