RARA-AVIS: Re: Honey West

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 24 Aug 2001

On 23 August 2001, Mark Sullivan wrote:

>I've already stated that I thought Honey West was hot. However, this
>is based on vague memories of the TV show, which came along at a very
>impressionable time for me. Are the books any good?

And Bill asked

>Are they hardboiled?

They're not as good as the best of the Shell Scott books, but in a very similar vein. People tend to lose their clothes quite frequently. And the similarity is intentional, as Mark Troy pointed out. The Ficklings were pals with Prather.

If you think the Shell Scotts are hard-boiled and worthy of discussion on this list, then so are the Honey Wests.

And Juri confessed

>My distaste for Paretsky stems from the goddam movie (prejudice! prejudice!).

So what you're saying is that your opinions on Paretsky are based on a bad movie, which she had little to do with, beyond creating the source material which you apparently haven't read.

Good thing, then, that you didn't base your opinion of Chandler on the film versions of THE LADY IN THE LAKE.

And speaking of prejudices...

Carrie, don't bother going back to the kitchen, but get off your high horse, and get your head out of that dark place you seem to have shoved it.

Jim was intellectually honest and upfront about his tastes regarding women P.I.s. (although he used the word "prejudice,' "taste" is really what he was talking about). Your kneejerk reaction was childish, misdirected and completely inappropriate. While Jim and I may have had differing opinions on many things over the years, I've never not respected his opinions. You heard things Jim simply didn't say, and put words in his mouth that he would never say. You totally ignored what Jim actually said.

Your response was insulting and intolerant, and intellectually dishonest.

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