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Date: 23 Aug 2001

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>>Incidentally, I'm not a particularly big fan of any
>of the "female PI"
>writers (aside from Lehane, since Angie's as
>important to his books as
>Patrick is)

>Nice to see someone finally agrees with me on this! :)
>I've often said that Lehane's Angie is the only female
>PI I've ever really bought as both a woman and an

Yeah, I think Angie's great. I had a little trouble with her in the first book, as the abused spouse, but in retrospect it's really the husband and not Angie who is poorly developed (I think Lehane realized that and expanded
- to some extent totally redid - the character in the second book).

Reminds me of another comment I meant to make a while ago re: professionalism of the PI. One of the things I *love* about "A Drink before the war" is that, at the end of the book, Patrick and Angie get paid and they go to the mall. I can't remember what they buy but they are fairly extraneous items. Usually when money is mentioned in a PI story, it's either because the PI is worried about paying the bills, or the PI charges high rates and is consequently pretty wealthy (can you imagine Elvis Cole hurting for money?) Patrick and Angie aren't on the verge of losing their homes, but they're not rolling in dough either (OK, there is the Porsche thing with Patrick, but I think he says at one point that he bought the parts and put it together himself over a lot of years). Anyway, for some reason I really liked the "Okay, the city went up in flames, but on the other hand we got paid so let's go to the Gap" thing. It didn't come across as shallow, just pragmatic.

"Is that what you do for a living?" she asked. "Find folks?"
"Sometimes," I said. "Other times I just look."
-James Crumley, "The Last Good Kiss"

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