RARA-AVIS: fantasy worlds

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 23 Aug 2001

Jim Doherty wrote:

>I responded that, alhtough I like some of the woman PI
>characters (I specifically mentioned both Kinsey
>Milhone and Delilah West), I do have that visceral
>reaction to seeing females in what seems to me to be
>essentially a male fantasy role.

Gee, do you have a visceral reaction to female doctors and lawyers too, or only the ones with strident offensive left-wing agendas? (don't even remember if this was your comment, had to use it anyway).

Since when does admitting that something is a prejudice make it a less offensive statement? How about if I say: "I admit I have a prejudice against blacks (gays, Hispanics, disabled people) appearing in PI novels. The genre is based on a white (straight, Anglo, non-disabled) fantasy and this new (meaning introduced since 1940, apparently) breed of PI may give me reading pleasure but just doesn't fell *right* to me, somehow, on a visceral level."

Taking off my shoes and going back into the kitchen to contemplate the folly of my strident left-wing agenda,


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