RARA-AVIS: Sturgeon's Law: after all

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 21 Aug 2001

Actually, "Sturgeon's Law", which he articulated in his VENTURE SCIENCE FICTION magazine book-review column in the latter '50s and presumably elsewhere (though I don't think he ever called it a law, I may well be wrong), was the 90% or nine-tenths of everything was mediocre or worse. He may have used stronger language in person. TM

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The story goes that Sturgeon was at a sci-fi con, and some kid got on the elevator with him, his arms filled with sci-fi books he'd bought. He turned to Sturgeon and said, "i've been looking at this stuff, and 98% of it is crap."

Sturgeon, probably just to avoid an argument, is said to have replied, "Well, 98% of everything is crap."

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