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Date: 21 Aug 2001


Re your question on "Sturgeon's Law" that "98% of everything is crap."

> On what basis would you justify this statement?

I don't really justify it, because I don't really think it's true.

The story goes that Sturgeon was at a sci-fi con, and some kid got on the elevator with him, his arms filled with sci-fi books he'd bought. He turned to Sturgeon and said, "i've been looking at this stuff, and 98% of it is crap."

Sturgeon, probably just to avoid an argument, is said to have replied, "Well, 98% of everything is crap."

As an editor, you must know that an awful lot of the stuff that gets submitted is unpublishable for one reason or another. And of the things that do get published, some are inevitably better than others. An uncharitable way of looking at the disparity in quality is "Sturgeon's Law."

I was, perhaps, too dismissive, but I didn't really mean it *that* seriously.


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