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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 21 Aug 2001

Kenneth Fearing, then. I have the MERCURY or BESTSELLER MYSTERY abridgement
(I fear) of THE BIG CLOCK, and can recommend the film of that name, and thought NO WAY OUT the remake one of the worst movies I've seen all the way through...(Costner, Young, and Hackman among the cast, but the script sinks it remarkably.) TM (who shall have to seek out PP357.)

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Steve wrote:

> 'S鲩e Noire' directed by Alain Corneau and released in 79 was indeed an
> excellent adaptation of "A Hell Of A Woman" with great writing by G.
> as you pointed out. It is an excellent film that followed three years
> Corneau's other excellent 'noir' film called "Police Python 357" (nothing
> do with JT there).

Police Python 357 is a french remake of "the Big Clock" which was also remade as No Way Out. Have seen all three and for my money, PP357 is the one to see. Highly recommended. And Yves Montand (as always) is great in it.

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