Re: RARA-AVIS: Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown...

Date: 20 Aug 2001

Re Brad's comment below:

> Yes, but how many of them [the short list of PI
> films from the last three decades I gave] are any
> good?

John Lau's original post dealt with the *lack* of PI films made in the last 30 years, not the quality. I was only listing as many films as I could think of to show that the genre was not yet dead in Hollywood. I wasn't trying to prove that it's being done as well as ever.

That said, I really liked *Farewell, My Lovely*, *The Drowning Pool*, the first *Shaft* film, parts of *I the Jury* and an *An Unsuitable Job . . .*. I thought
*The Bodyguard* was lightweight but well-made and enjoyable. I haven't seen some of the others, and I guess I'd qualify those I have seen as crap, but, as Theodore Sturgeon so succinctly put it, "98% of everything is crap."


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