Re: RARA-AVIS: the many Mikes

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 17 Aug 2001

John wrote:

"Hey, I wrote that thing!"

Oops! Sorry, about that, chief.

Okay, I promise that if Come Die With Me ever comes on again, I'll watch it as a trashy spoof and see how I like it. About your comparison, though, I always preferred Our Man Flint to Casno Royale when it came to spy spoofs.

There was one thing I did like about the movie, Velda's clear animosity towards Mike. It seemed as if she had finally gotten fed up with Mike's overlooking her "in that way" and going off with other women. I can't remember if it came through in the dialog or the delivery (weren't Estes and Anderson once engaged -- yes, I am embarassed to know that -- was she acting out after they broke up?), but she had a pretty nasty attitude towards Mike.

Also, John, you cast some aspersions about Anderson. I always thought she was smart for the way she plays into her dumb image in VIP. Are you implying she doesn't have a choice? She isn't acting?


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