RARA-AVIS: Amsterdam

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 16 Aug 2001

While visiting Amsterdam last week I found an excellent English language used book store Book Exchange that has a healthy mystery section. There I found a copy of JANA by David Veronese published by Serpent's Tail in their Mask Noir series. It looks very promising as it opens in Amsterdam, a great locale for a noir story. Any opinions out there?

For reasons unknown I dropped off the rara list on August 2nd and only resubscribed when I returned to the US yesterday. Sorry I missed most of the discussion of actors portraying Philip Marlowe. I suppose Mitchum would edge Bogart as my favorite. It did remind me of seeing James Garner's "Marlowe" in Vietnam in 1970. Movies were sent over to entertain the troops and a projector and screen setup outdoors. Most of the two or three dozen guys watching the movie were drunk or stoned. Apparently so was the projectionist, as he switched reels and the ending played in the middle and the middle became the ending. Not knowing this, we were all trying to sort it out and people were yelling at the screen and each other. I had read the book but should never have let that be known as they wanted me to explain the plot and that wasn't possible given my hazy memory and condition. I haven't seen that movie since. It could never equal that first surreal viewing.

Richard Moore

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